From Sequin to Satin!!

dressing gown // La Perla
Lipstick // Chanel

As promised my blog of today! After a great lunch with Linda (I’ll post some pics later), I took some shots in my new La Perla dressing gown! I love it, you should have one. They’re amazing!!

Xoxo Lisa


Small, delicious sins right from la belle France!!




Mhhhm.. Just got these delicious, little things!!! They’re made with love and they’ve such an amazing taste!! Oh my got, I just realize how much I love Macarons!! They’re imported from Paris of course made by “La Durée”
However, I got them as a small present from my sister who’s just landed de la belle France.. She liked it a lot.. And she highly recommens it!!
One of my big big wishes would be to travel to Paris one day, but before I wanna improve my French a bit!!

Well, have a good evening and check out our blog tomorrow, I’ll post something up!!
Xoxo Lisa

Winter Wonderland

Hey people ✌️

Today I went for a walk with my dogs. It was soo awesome with the whole snow and everything! Gonna show you some pics..







Btw my dogs are golden Retrievers and that I don’t slide I wore my Hice Shoes !! I really recommend them!!


Well mine are brown but yeah 😀 they are awesome!! Check the website out –>

Peace, linda xxx

Birthday happiness!

Hey hey guys! Well now I’m sweet 16!!
And how you can guess it’s party time on saturday with my girls ;D!! I am looking forward for days to party! And I’m sooo thankful for all the birthday presents I got! 😍

Well I’m gonna show you now some of them 😀




Well that’s my Casio watch, got it from my aunt ❤️





Got an iPhone 5s from my mummy!! ❤️❤️



And from my bestie I got this sweet present and a trip to Milan!! Best friend you can imagine!! Love you ❤️❤️❤️

And from my brother and his girlfriend I got a tattoo!! 😍

Well these were my presents and I love them, I’m soo damn happy to have all of these people! ❤️

Bye guys, see ya
Xxx Linda

Linda’s sweet 16!!

Here we go again!! Regram from yesterday, the sweet 16th birthday of our gorgeous and amazing friend Linda!!
Just again I can’t thank you enough to be always here for me, you always have an ear to listen whatever’s up and you always make me smile!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I’m happy to have such a great friend, happy birthday again, stay always as kind, smart, beautiful and as a good friend as you are!! I’m looking forward to all the time we can spend together.
Love you, xoxo Lisa

Golden Sequin Dress

Sequin dress



I just got my sequin dress by, it’s wonderful.
I like it a lot and I’m just proud to own such a gorgeous dress. With this you’ll shine and sparkle everywhere, trust me 😉
Check out their website, they have a lot of gorgeous dresses!!

Have a nice evening, xo Lisa

dress //, glasses // Ralph Lauren, clutch // Hugo Boss, pictures, hairstyle and make up by Linda