Once again.. Exploring Milano!!!

Hey guys, It’s time for a new blog post. Last week Linda and I explored Milano. Once again I have to say that up to now Milano is been the city I like the most. By chance last week was the Milan Fashion week and so we saw a lot of models in the street […]

Small, delicious sins right from la belle France!!

Mhhhm.. Just got these delicious, little things!!! They’re made with love and they’ve such an amazing taste!! Oh my got, I just realize how much I love Macarons!! They’re imported from Paris of course made by “La Durée” However, I got them as a small present from my sister who’s just landed de la belle […]

Birthday happiness!

Hey hey guys! Well now I’m sweet 16!! And how you can guess it’s party time on saturday with my girls ;D!! I am looking forward for days to party! And I’m sooo thankful for all the birthday presents I got! 😍 Well I’m gonna show you now some of them 😀 Well that’s my […]