Hi πŸ™‚ again me,
Just wanted to post my outfit today!
Sorry that it’s just a half body pic but I had a bad hair day (better, bad hair week, well the humidity isn’t so good for my hair)

Jeans // Twin Set
Shirt// Braez
Espadrilles// Art of Soule (made in france)

Xx, linda


Bolzano – Bozen

Hey guys!

I hope you all enjoy summer, well we do πŸ˜‰
Yesterday I was with Lisa in Bolzano to have a little shopping trip, even though we didn’t buy anything but we had lunch together and, yes, it was quite nice! Here some snaps πŸ‘‡




Xoxo, Linda πŸ’•


Hey guys!!
I’m so sorry I’ve posted anything lately I had to study but now the school is over and I’m on holiday! That means I can post again!!

However, today I was out for lunch with my family. God it was soo delicious !! I really love this restaurant and the area is soo beautiful especially in summer!


I ate spare ribs!

My mum Fajitas!

Traditional, alpine, Mediterranean!






If you ever gonna visit South Tyrol you should eat here! Absolutely delicious!
It’s in Lagundo! http://www.ruster.it
Xx, Linda

Once again.. Exploring Milano!!!

20140302-113208 am.jpg

20140302-113202 am.jpg

20140302-113152 am.jpg

20140302-113139 am.jpg

20140302-113715 am.jpg

20140302-113127 am.jpg

20140302-113115 am.jpg

20140302-113101 am.jpg

Hey guys,
It’s time for a new blog post. Last week Linda and I explored Milano. Once again I have to say that up to now Milano is been the city I like the most.
By chance last week was the Milan Fashion week and so we saw a lot of models in the street and the city was crowded, but it’s a great experience and most of all you get much fashion inspiration. We enjoyed all parts of Milan, even the little restaurants, such as Le Tre Gazzelle, the big stores and even the delicious gelati.
To get you a little insight I added some captures. And you can find even more on our instagram accounts.
Check us out. We have an account for the blog it’s called lindajalisa and even our private accounts: liisagasser and linda_ratschiller

Have a nice day, in love

Beauty products!

Hey guys! How are you doing?
Well I thought I could show you some of my beauty products πŸ˜‰

That’s my Dior BB CREAM and my MAC brush (190).
The BB cream is really comfortable and it adapts to the skin.
I’m using 002

These are my eye things.. the DIORSHOW MAXIMIZER SERUM, the DIORSHOW ART PEN and the CHANEL le volume mascara! I just can recommend them!!

Then my powder makeup from CLINIQUE with SPF 15 and the brush from RIMMEL!! I’m using 04 neutral.
I have to say I love Clinique things they’re all absolutely good!

Here’s my eyeshadow also from DIOR πŸ˜‰ it’s the number 734 GRÈGE; I recommend it to the ones who like basic/brown colours!


Like I said before, I love CLINIQUE products they are awesome! In the first pic there are products for the skin like the wash foam , the tonic and the cream. And in the second pic is my daily cream which I’m using everyday and night πŸ˜‰ u should try them

This is the newest thing I got, I absolutely love this deodorant, which a really good friend of mine reccomended me!! It smells good and you almost don’t sweat!! Like it says on the products you are feeling fresh, really fresh!! Please you all should try it!


And that’s my perfume from HERMÈS! Jour d’HermΓ¨s! It smells fruity and little woody!

Well I hope you liked my post πŸ˜‰

See ya, xoxo Linda